MyHIJAU SME & Entrepreneur Development Programme

The MyHIJAU SME & Entrepreneur Development Programme aims to encourage the growth of local SME’s, including Bumiputera and women businesses, to adopt green practices and produce local green products and services. This initiative equips participants with entrepreneurship and strategic management skills to enhance companies’ management of their existing and upcoming green ventures.
SME’s registered under this programme will go through a training, business clinic and advisory sessions to enable them to obtain green label certification for their products and services.

At the end of the programme, the participating SME’s will successfully incorporate best green practices and applications in their operations. In addition, they will be well equipped to register their products for the MyHIJAU Mark recognition and be listed in the MyHIJAU Directory.


The objectives of the programme are as follows:-

  • To facilitate SME’s including Bumiputera and women businesses that produce green products and services to be eligible for the MyHIJAU Mark registration.
  • To transform SME’s into implementing green technology applications and adopt green practices.

Benefit to SME’s

What SME’s will gain from participating in the programme?

  • Register their products/services under MyHIJAU Mark recognition.
  • Recognise their companies as Green Transformation status.
  • Participate in National Standards Compliance Programme (NSCP) activities.
  • Reduce cost through implementation of Green Productivity (Material Cost Saving: MCS).
  • Improve their environmental performance through implementation of Environmental Management System.
  • Increase energy efficiency through implementation of Energy Management System.
  • Participate in Green Procurement activities for Government and private sector.
  • Eligible for the Green Technology Tax Incentive (Investment Tax Allowance and Income Tax Exemption).
  • Participate in promotion, awareness and marketing activities under Green Technology initiatives, databases or case studies.

Who should join?

Legally registered Malaysian SME companies that have products/services in compliance with green label verification requirement or have intention to implement green practices in their operation or production.


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